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Freight International Group (FIG) is a global alliance of some of the finest freight forwarders and customs brokers in the world extending to more than 90 countries.

Freight International Group was formed to improve the global reach and business opportunities of it's partners. The concept is simple. FIG partners are appointed as exclusive agents for their specific territory and encouraged to trade with each other around the world in the knowledge that each 'Partner' is bound by the FIG Code of Conduct and has been carefully vetted by the FIG Administration.

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Freight International Group is currently represented in 80+ countries and has a target to achieve global coverage (100+ countries) this year. FIG appoints only ONE representative in each country.

Our FIG Partners are carefully selected to provide maximum capability and resource and checked for financial stability providing peace of mind and maximizing the benefits of FIG Membership. Over 12 years our total level of 'bad debt' is less than $5000 – all concerned were compensated by FIG Admin.

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